Celestial Angels

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It is written in the Holy Scripture that, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” and with the creation of the heavens the Celestial Angels were born. They are their own species with special powers to foresee the living laws of God’s eternal and unchangeable Wisdom—thus they are able to predict historical events or scientific progress that would affect our lives.

Celestial Angels are one of the most beautiful expressions of God for His concern for all His creations. Celestial Angels are the Holy Ones. They are matched by no other heavenly host and reside directly next to the very throne of God. Saint Augustine described them as, “… so on fire with a holy love of God’s beauty, so spiritual, unchangeable, and ineffable, that they hold in distain all things—including themselves—which are less than divine, so that with every grace that makes them good, they may rejoice in the Giver of all goodness, God.”

Celestial Angels move among us and encourage us along in life by their will and intellect. They make direct interventions upon earth to rescue, guard and comfort humanity. They are purely spiritual beings and can appear to mortals as a glowing light, or an ethereal loving presence beside us. Sometimes they are known to have appeared to mortals as a beautiful, female figure wearing a flowing white gown with feathered wings rising high above their form. Other sightings have described them as more human looking, with no wings. And some people hear a voice, guiding them from danger or comforting them from fear.

Emanuel Swedenborg, the great theology professor of Sweden, said that Angels “cannot speak the human language of doubts and ideas, conflicts and argument. The reason is simple: angels can utter only what expresses with perfect sincerity the love that lies in them, so that their message is always one of total and unconditional overwhelming love.”

Celestial Angels carry messages from Heaven to Earth—messages of joy, of pain, of children and of nations. We can listen for these messages as little or as much as we want—but at some point, we must come to terms with ourselves on our own. Our Celestial Angels, as Guardian Angels, will be there beside us. And as we become more aware of the power that walks with us everyday, we can begin to approach life from a position of influence rather than reaction. And as Angels do, we will be able to connect Heaven and Earth in the most loving of ways everyday—and feel incredible joy.

© Nona Jane Siragusa