Daughters of God

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The Daughters of God are powerful celestial beings created by God. They were first depicted in ancient Persia, Turkey and Greece and are believed to share in the guardianship of humans, performing angelic messenger tasks, as do our own Guardian Angels. But their primary direction from God is to create the “life stream force” for all of mankind’s “intuitive” insight. Their relationship with us is interwoven with our intuitive awareness, “dancing” within our inner consciousness and faith to help guide, nurture, protect and love.

The Daughters of God, depicted by ancient artists and historians as earthy, sensual, and seductive, are forever dancing around us like electrically charged particles in motion, their wings vibrating as hummingbirds.

The Daughters of God are powerful spiritual beings created by God as benevolent builders and helpers of mankind, bringing us mortals the incredible gift of “intuitive” perception. May a Daughter of God bless your life with her dancing spirit, energy, playfulness and love.

© Nona Jane Siragusa