Grigori Angels

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Grigori Angels, once termed the Sons of God, were among the first Angels sent to earth to act as Watchers and Guardians of the human race. They carried the designation, Celestial Angels—the Holy Ones, that were matched by no other heavenly host, residing directly next to the very throne of God. These Angels acted as the court officials of heaven, had free will to choose between good and evil, and debated every case that came before the blessed throne. Because of their greatness, they were given a special privilege and sent to earth to give instruction to mortals on nature and other knowledge considered useful for humans by the Lord.

As time went on, unfortunately, some of the Sons of God became enamored with human women and succumbed to the highly seductive flesh of mortals. They cohabited with them, used their free will to sin and fell from the grace of God. When confronted by the Lord for their disobedience, the Sons of God were divided into two groups: some were truly repentant for their weakness to temptation, others outraged by God’s interference. One particular Angel named Lucifer was so impassioned at God’s interference that he refused to repent, saying that he would rather rule in hell than ever ask God’s forgiveness. God cast Lucifer into the fiery pits of hell and many angels followed him–they were named the Fallen Angels. Those angels who repented and pleaded for God’s forgiveness were named Grigori Angels—but were never again called Celestial Angels, to never again sit at the right-hand of the heavenly throne. They were to remain on earth for eternity dedicating their eternal souls to the aid of humanity.

As part of their repentance, Grigori Angels became the penitent angels forever earthly bound, helping and guiding mortals. They take the form of men—and when they appear to us, they look like any ordinary man or boy of any age in all walks of life. They mysteriously intervene for us by performing miracles, redirecting our paths from danger, beckoning us through dreams, literally catching us when we fall. When we encounter a Grigori Angel, they seem to have physical substance and appear to be human in all ways even in speech.

Grigori Angels work side by side with our Celestial Guardian Angels, coming to our aid and bringing God’s messages to us in answer to prayers. We all have probably encountered a Grigori Angel at sometime in our life…and blessed are we who have been touched by these nameless Sons of God.

© Nona Jane Siragusa